Alternative Garlands Introduced in Berlin’s Temple

Srila Gurudeva shared his desire some time ago that his devotees should use only ecological and free of pesticides flower garlands in Vrinda’s temples. Nowadays it gets more and more difficult especially in the big cities and in the winter period when all flowers are raised in greenhouses.
Therefore Srila Gurudeva suggested that his devotees could also use other materials so the deities and the acharyas should not be forced to wear garlands filled with chemicals.

The devotees from different missions started to contemplate on different ideas how things should be improved in that manner.
Sarva Shakti Maharani from Berlin started to make garlands out of paper napkins and for the last few months along with Rajani Devi Dasi she has been making paper garlands full of splendid colors both for the deities in BerlinĀ“s Radha Govinda Temple and for Srila Gurudeva and visiting acharyas. Sarva Shakti is also making crochet garlands out of wool.

In Bulgaria Srivan Angan Devi Dasi made a super beautiful garland of mandalas called Ojos de Dios for Gurudeva when he visited the Bulgarian temple in January. She is also making such garlands for Mahaprabhu deity on the altar in the temple.


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